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  • Is your penis really up to the job?
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  • Want to be like them?
  • Are you embarrassed when you get undressed in front of you partner?
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Does size really matter?

Oh yes! It REALLY does!

Women really do want it longer and thicker even if they tell you differently. Bigger is better and that’s a fact. Any experienced lady will tell you, if you really want to hear it. So how do you measure up?

Okay, now is the time to do something about it.

A larger thicker penis with a rock-hard erection and real staying power is the secret wish of most men, and the desire of most women. Despite what they might tell you, size really does matter.

What else matters?

Being unable to maintain an erection matters and so does being unable to control how quickly you come. These problems are very frustrating for a woman… but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

If erectile dysfunction is a problem… here’s the solution.


What would an additional 3"- 4" on the length and 1"-1.5" on the girth of your penis do for your sex life?


You’re about to find out…all will be revealed.

Make no mistake, a sexually active woman wants bigger and thicker. They want to be able to really feel the masculine power of their man. They also want their man to be able to last at least as long as they do. Sex is much more enjoyable for a woman when their man can hold back for longer and be in complete control.

Can you really satisfy the women in your life?

Most men say they want to be bigger because it would give them more confidence with women. Being bigger also gives your self-esteem a massive boost. For example, men who are large and go to the gym regularly can be seen shamelessly walking around the changing rooms fully naked… simply because they have nothing to be ashamed of.


Would you do that?

How would you feel standing naked in the changing rooms, next to a man with a 6” flaccid penis? Intimidated? Embarrassed?

Or just plain jealous? Wouldn’t you rather be proud of your manhood? Now you can build it big and show it off. You can release the super-stud inside… starting today.


Why are men choosing to increase penis size and enhance performance?


Typically Mr Average has a penis length of between 5” – 5.4” when erect.

Surveys have shown that most men would prefer to be nearer 7” or more.

Many men have also said they would like to gain at least an extra 1” or more on the girth.

Wouldn’t you?


So what are your options? Today, there are several options available for increasing penis size but most are either very expensive, very dangerous or simply don’t work…



Attaching heavy weights to the penis can damage the delicate tissue and even distort the shape of the penis. This practice can also cause permanent damage to the skin of the penis leaving it stretched and scarred. The best result you can expect is a slightly longer but considerably thinner penis, which is far from ideal.



Surgery is expensive and there is no guarantee that your £3,000 – £5,000 will give you the results you expect. In some cases, men have reported being unable to get or maintain an erection after surgery. Also, by cutting the suspensory ligament, which is considered to be an irreversible procedure, the erect penis will point downwards, in most cases. The best gains are reported to be no more than 1.3cm. Hardly anything to get excited about.


Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are fine for short-term enhancement. However, the pumped-up penis will always return to its original size because all the pump does is inflate the blood vessels, which have a high degree of elasticity. Overuse of penis pumps can permanently damage the blood vessels in the penis and in extreme cases, can even cause a blood vessel to burst. This would require painful corrective surgery.


Penis Stretching Devices

Attach the device to your penis, tighten up and leave it in place all day and all night. This contraption can be expensive and only offers hope and little else. At best they can damage the delicate penis tissue causing scarring, which can lead to permanent hard ridges on your penis. The excessive pulling can also lead to burst blood vessels as each vessel is stretched beyond its capability. Disfigurement is the only result.


Natural Penis Enlargement.

Some specific natural plant extracts have been identified as having highly beneficial blood flow properties, which have been proven to increase penis growth. However, this is not a new phenomenon. The Natural Penis Enlargement secret has been out for years!

Now YOU are about to learn about

Ultimate Max!

Ultimate Max is a specially formulated pill, which contains several naturally occurring active ingredients. Each ingredient has been specially selected for its unique sexually enhancing properties.


Secret information about male enhancing plant extracts was hidden away for centuries…

The medical profession have known about these natural male enhancing properties for centuries. In some parts of the ancient world, these natural plant extracts were closely guarded secrets, later to be rediscovered by western explorers and pioneering botanists.

In some of the ancient tribal areas of the world, these naturally occurring male enhancing plant extracts were shared only between tribal leaders. Later, and especially in the west, information about these amazing discoveries was purposely suppressed.

The reason for the inhibition can be attributed to the male ego of political leaders and the power of religious movements. However, today we live in a very different world where freedom of information and freedom of expression are accepted as normal.


Clinically tested and proven formula…

Ultimate Max consists of a combination of completely natural ingredients, sourced from all over the world.

Many of these ingredients are medically known to have growth stimulating effects on the human male sex organs.

All active ingredients within the unique Ultimate Max formula have been clinically tested and proven to….

  • Increase length and girth of the penis within just 4 weeks. Considerable gains are noticeable after 12 weeks, with additional length and thickness guaranteed.
  • Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. A compound that rivals some of the most popular doctor prescribed pills for erectile dysfunction and other associated male sex problems.
  • Higher sex drive and superior performance after 6 weeks. Sexual stamina and longer lasting erections are the result of dynamically increased blood flow.
  • Control premature ejaculation. No longer will you feel the need to ejaculate quickly as you begin to savour every intimate moment of pleasure.
  • Intense orgasms and more powerful ejaculations. You can expect powerful sensations with each ejaculation as sperm production is also vastly increased.
  • Safe and natural, extracted plant ingredients. All ingredients are 100% natural, biological plant extracts, which are safe with no known side effects.




It’s outrageous!

It’s outrageous! Within just 8-12 weeks you could significantly increase the length and thickness of your penis and dramatically enhance your sexual performance.

Your partner will love it! Try this proven penis enlargement remedy for yourself and you too could experience a whole new world of intense, pulsating pleasure.

Order Max now!

What results can I expect from

Ultimate Max..?

Ultimate Max is a specially formulated pill, which contains several naturally occurring active ingredients. Each ingredient has been specially selected for its unique sexually enhancing properties.

From our customer survey feedback, we have compiled a guideline for you, which provides general information about what you can expect over a given timeframe.

..how long before I see any improvement?


The Ultimate Max Timeline

calender1Month 1

After 30 days, you will experience longer, harder erections than ever before and most people start to see an increase in size. You can also expect to experience an increase in libido, general sexual wellbeing and a noticeable decline in premature ejaculation problems.

calender2Month 2

After 60 days it starts to get really interesting as you should see a considerable increase in both length and girth. Your sexual stamina will have increased significantly, and you will have the ability to maintain erections for much longer.

calender3Month 3

By the end of the 3rd month your penis size will have increased up to 3-4 Inches in length (varies from person to person) and up to 25% in girth. Erections will be rock solid and will feel bigger than ever before, considerably stronger and fuller.

calender4Month 4

At this stage you will be delighted with your results and so glad you started taking the Ultimate Max course. Guaranteed! Continue to take the pills and you’ll make your increased penis size permanent. Some customers have told us they preferred to reduce the dose now as they have reached the desired size.

Whatever your desired size, you’ll certainly enjoy the benefits of a heightened libido with fuller, harder and stronger erections.

The decision is yours!

How does Ultimate Max work?

Ultimate Max is a highly effective natural formula, specially developed to restore and enhance the blood flow to the penis. The active ingredients stimulate the production of testosterone, which nourishes and then enlarges the male sex organ for improved sexual performance.


Increase blood flow to the penis –
Extremely high blood flow expands the blood vessels of the penis internally, making them able to pump more blood to the erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa).


Encourages secretion of Androgens –
The natural compounds stimulates the secretion of androgen and releases nitric oxide from the nerve endings of penile muscles.


Increase in stamina –
Increases muscle mass and strength, which also helps to force pressurised blood into the penis. The penis has to grow larger to accommodate the additional flow, which increases overall capacity. The longer youlast, the harder and longer it gets.

Other beneficial side effects includes the relief of anxiety, stress and depression.

The real benefits of Ultimate Max for both you and your partner...


The best and most satisfying sex you and your partner will ever experience depends on your ability to maintain a long-lasting, rock hard erection. That can only be achieved by a sustained and powerful flow of blood to the penis. There are prescription medicines that can do this but Ultimate Max is the only real safe alternative to chemical compounds.

The 100% natural ingredients in Ultimate Max are tried, tested and proven to relax the blood vessels allowing an unlimited flow of blood to the tissue of the penis. The more blood this tissue can accommodate the bigger and harder the penis becomes. With so much more blood engorging the penis tissue, erections last longer and orgasms are much more intense.

The additional blood also brings with it more oxygen, which allows you to go for longer without experiencing fatigue. This increase in stamina is essential for longer-lasting and longer performing sex sessions, like you’ve never experience before.

Ultimate Max is designed to give you and your partner exactly what you want, just when you want it.

Who is Ultimate Max for?

The Ultimate Max blend of natural ingredients has been tried and tested over many years and with men of all age groups. Those that responded most positively were aged between 18 and 45. Men over 55 years still showed signs of improvement but at a slower rate than the younger age group.


Whatever your age, if you are healthy and have no serious underlying health conditions then Ultimate Max is safe for you to use. However, because the active ingredients within the plant extracts dramatically increase blood flow to the penis, anyone with an existing heart condition should first consult their doctor.

You may notice that within the first few days of beginning your Ultimate Max course you’ll feel “rushing” sensations in your penis. This will continue throughout the course as the penis becomes completely engorged with blood at every opportunity. It’s a natural process and you will always be aware of it. In time you’ll get used to it.

Do porn stars & male escorts use Ultimate Max?


One question we get asked quite often is… do male porn stars and escorts use Ultimate Max?

Well, unfortunately not everyone is blessed with being born with a large penis so if you want to get into the porn industry you need to show your credentials right?

Many of our most loyal customers have proudly performed on screen, and in videos that demand they last for an hour or more. It’s just not natural for a man to last that long unless he has some help.

Porn star or not, our customers use Ultimate Max to ensure they can perform to maximum effect in the bedroom, and so they can feel more confident in themselves.

Having a large, thick, heavy penis that can pump away for an hour or more is the ultimate goal in sheer sexual enjoyment.

That’s exactly what Ultimate Max has been designed to help you achieve. Give your woman more and she’ll keep coming back. Women like to tell their close friends about their men’s size and performance too. Warning! Ultimate Max could give you more than you bargained for.


What makes Ultimate Max so special?

There are several similar but much less effective products available. Most simply do not work. The compound ingredients that go to make up Ultimate Max have been specially selected and blended, using specific proportions of each plant extract.

Clinically tested and proven trials have proven conclusively that our compound consistently delivers results.

Reports confirm that 94% of men who have taken a full 12 week course of Ultimate Max have gained up to 3.25″ on penis length and 1.15″ on girth. In addition, 87% of men have told us they have experienced much higher sex drive, longer lasting erections and intense orgasms after just 10 days!

The 8 specially formulated natural ingredients that can change your life... forever!


Korean Ginseng

High strength Korean Ginseng is one of the best known herbal remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, scientists have discovered that its unique properties also help in the treatment of diabetes, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, boost energy and reduce stress.

The sexual benefits come from the herb’s abilities to reduce stress and allow for an unhindered flow of blood to the male sex organ. The active ingredients are extracted from the Ginseng root, which consists of 24 compounds classified as ginsenosides, all of which have powerful stimulating properties.


Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a small palm-like tree, which grows in many of the South Eastern states of America. Native American Indian tribes used the leaves and berries to help treat urinary and reproductive problems. Scientists have recently discovered that the plant’s properties can treat men with a low sex drive and low sperm count.

Hailed as a natural treatment for prostate problems, Saw Palmetto is now widely used around the world. Its association with human reproduction has seen a dramatic increase in its popularity.


Hawthorn Extract

The active ingredient is extracted from the Hawthorn berry and is credited with being a natural remedy for the treatment of various cardiovascular disorders. The flowers and berries contain bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins and other antioxidants, essential for healthy heart and blood functionality.

A heathy heart is obviously needed for prolonged sexual activity but other benefits include control of high blood pressure, protection of the immune system, treatment for stress and anxiety, beneficial treatment for digestion, eczema and psoriasis. Hawthorn extract can also be used to increase the body’s energy levels.


Ginko Biloba Extract

The Ginko Biloba tree, also known as the Maidenhair tree, has been around for over 270 million years. It is the only tree of its kind and is the only plant extract said to boost energy, mood and memory. Primarily the active ingredient is used to heighten mental power but it has also been proved to substantially increase sexual stimulation.

Its ability in helping to achieve and maintain an erection is its reason for being included in the Ultimate Max formula. An increase in blood flow to the male sex organ and the brain makes it unique amongst herbal enhancement supplements.


Muira Puama

Also known as Marapuama or Potency Wood is a native plant of the Amazon rain forest. In the Brazil region of South America, it is traditionally used as a powerful aphrodisiac or nerve tonic. The active ingredients are extracted from both the bark and the roots and are known to have prolonged sexually stimulating properties.

Muira Puama contains “sterols”, which are the building blocks of essential male hormones such as testosterone. Other naturally occurring ingredients of the Muira Puama have proved useful for increasing blood flow from the heart to the organs including the penis. Its effect of relaxing the corpus cavernosa in the penis also allows for increased blood flow and blood retention, which accounts for longer and much harder erections.


Catuaba Extract

Centuries ago, Brazil’s native Tupi tribe used this ingredient to enhance their sex drive. Its potent aphrodisiac qualities boost the libido in a similar way to more modern day drugs such as cocaine but without any side-effects. The bark contains 3 specific alkaloids known to support a healthy libido and increase the brain’s sensitivity, making sexual activity much more pleasurable.

The active ingredients can work effectively for men of any age and for women too. It is now sold separately as a recognised aphrodisiac and sex supplement due to its energising properties. It’s the stamina boosting supplement men need in order to maintain maximum performance over a prolonged period of time.


Epimedium Leaf Extract

Better known as the Horny Goatweed, Epimedium is a plant native to China. The extracted ingredients are known to be an extremely potent aphrodisiac. The active compound, icariin, relaxes the body’s muscles by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood stream. This action also increases blood flow to the penis, which has a profound effect on libido and sexual desire.

Epimedium is a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction said to rival the most popular doctor prescribed pills. The active ingredient works in the same way as the well-known blue pills by flooding the erectile tissue with oxygenated blood, which results in extremely hard erections. The molecular chemical, Nitric oxide is often associated with body builders and is a popular health supplement.


Catuaba Seed Extract

Not only is the Catuaba bark used for its powerful stimulating properties, the seed extract has proved just as potent. In fact the seeds contain a much more pure formula of active ingredients, which work on the nervous system to reduce mental fatigue.

Due to the purity of the extract it is also effective in the treatment of impotence, anxiety and depression, insomnia, low libido and hypertension. It is considered to have a major influence in the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction.


The Ultimate Max 500mg formula has been packed into one compact capsule for your convenience.

Other inferior products require you to take 2-3 capsules per day and have much less effect.



Just one capsule of Ultimate-Max a day is all that is needed to get the male reproduction system operating at peak performance.

Just take the 1-A-DAY pill with water
for permanent results you can see and feel.


Worlds No1
Penis EnlargementPill
since 2003!


The Ultimate Max compound goes right back to 2003. Since then, we have worked with customer feedback and medical expertise to fine tune our formula, ensuring Ultimate Max is the most potent and highly effective natural Penis Enlargement pill on the market today.

Our unique product has helped thousands of men of all ages gain vital extra inches in both length and thickness. You won’t be disappointed… guaranteed!

Not sure? Got questions? Here’s what some of our satisfied customers are saying about Ultimate Max.

We are talking About Ultimate Max pills.Genuine & verifiable Unsolicited Testimonials.

  • Sean

    When my mate told me about Ultimate Max I thought he was poking fun at me. He knows my size issue and he has a decent size but said he has improved with this pill. So grateful to him as I am getting there after two months use it is notable that my penis is definitely longer & thicker and my libido is sky high. -Sean, Canning Town

  • mark

    Thank you guys at Ultimate Max as these penis enlargement pills have changed my life. My confidence has certainly increased and this could just as easily be called “confidence enlargement” 😉 Of course that’s all connected to having a good size and knowing I can go the distance in the bedroom and be ready in no time to go again. -Mark Thompson, Surrey

  • Patrick

    Ultimate Max took time to work but now after 6 weeks I am seeing and feeling the changes. Ultimate Max pills are amazing, I now have a huge appetite for sex and as yet can’t say huge about my penis but it has grown by an inch so getting there. Let’s see what the coming weeks will bring. -Patrick Harris, Bournemouth

  • Fritz

    I grew up thinking my small penis was just the way it’s supposed to be. No more the case after I started using your Ultimate Max. Taken a three month course and I am happy with the growth and my improved erection strength. Will keep taking a reduced dose just to keep what I have alive. -Fritz, Oldham

  • Stuart

    Started looking at information about penis enlargement surgery but decided against it! Expensive! Am I happy to have found your Ultimate Max pills as now I have grown my member to a decent seven inches when erect. It looks and feels thicker and I am horny as a bull on heat. I shudder to think about that scalpel I was considering and delighted about the cash I saved. -Stuart Bell, Glasgow

  • Jamie

    Hey where have you been hiding? I see this Ultimate Max pill was around in 2005 and beyond so why was I suffering all these years? Seriously, my transformation took just two months and now the “big boy” hangs well and bangs like a nutter. Thank you and good job I found your site. -Jamie Vance, Chesterfield

  • Lucas

    I play football for a Sunday league team and used to be first out of the shower as didn’t have anything below to be proud of. After taking your Ultimate Max for 8 weeks, I have become the longest in the shower now whilst shamelessly parading myself. Maybe not longest in size as we have some big guns in the team but I am up there with them now thanks to Ultimate Max. -Lucas T, Cambridge

  • Nikolas

    My partner was away looking after her sick Nan for 7 weeks. I found and started taking Ultimate max and in that 7 weeks window was enough to make the difference. She said she noticed the thickness when she held it and I noticed that she squirmed and moaned more when I was inside her. Not only bigger as it gets harder now. Don’t know if it’s my confidence or the Max pills effects but I am having more and more sex now. We are both delighted with Ultimate Max. -Nikolas, Stoke on Trent

  • Vincent

    I am a successful good looking guy, can pull girls but didn’t normally sleep with them because I was shy about my small penis and premature ejaculation. When I did bed them it had to be in a dark room as I didn’t like getting naked in front of them. I can’t say any of them ridiculed me but not many came back for seconds. That’s all changed now after I found Ultimate Max. It’s a good size now and I can go on forever. You lucky girls and lucky me. -Vincent, Bedfordshire

  • Chen

    I was looking for a natural penis enlargement pill and after trying some duds I nearly gave up. Then came across Ultimate Max and thought let’s give this a try. I am most happy about the size increase in length and girth but also got over my premature ejaculation. Not sure how that happens and maybe it’s the harder erection. Thank you. -Chen, Gillingham

  • Hendrik

    Ultimate Max turned out to be a super product. I saw some early improvement after just weeks of use but seem to stop there. I kept going with it and now after 3 months use I have a seven inch c**k when hard. It’s thicker and I like that it looks big even when in a non-erect state. -Hendrick, Knutsford

  • Shea

    Ultimate Max is a multiple beneficial product and certainly stands upto the “penis enlargement” badge and I have got rid of my Premature Ejaculation cream that used to numb my penis head. I am longer and wider in size. Thank you. -Shea, Norfolk

  • Peter

    Been working for male escort agency looking after their rich and wrinkly clients. It was getting difficult to please these women as they want it big and banged hard. One of the male escorts recommended Ultimate Max and that’s made all the difference. I was good size before but even bigger now and I can get an erection easily & keep banging until they scream for me to stop. -Peter, Kent

  • Harry

    Pleased to receive another bottle of Ultimate Max. The results are amazing. I am noticing the effects when I am erector flaccid. It’s thicker and hangs longer when flaccid. I have switched to boxer shorts aspants was getting tight & uncomfortable. When erect it is not much longer yet but the shaft & head are bigger. In fact the head of my penis is enormous when erect. I can last longer now, full of sexual confidence and horny all the time. I want to send you my appreciation for Ultimate Max. -Harry Wilson, London

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  • A dramatic increase in size and stamina.
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